What Is Kanye Doing & Will It Work?

A long look, because it shouldn’t be short.

For the rest of this post, I’m going to just throw in random art I like, ’cause why not?

Boy, it’s been a week.

Kazimir Malevich, ‘Dynamic Suprematism’
Fortunato Depero, ‘La Casa Del Mago’


Rose Piper, ‘Slow Down Freight Train’


Theodor Kittelsen, ‘Pesta Kommen’


Jean François Garneray, ‘Whale as described in Moby Dick’


Giacomo Balla, ‘Abstract Speed + Sound’


George Petty, untitled sketch
Francisco Goya, ‘The Madhouse’
Takashi Murakami, ‘Of Chinese Lions, Peonies, Skulls, And Fountains’
Carmen Herrera, ‘Lines of Sight’

What can Kanye do from here?

George Condo, ‘Rainy Day Butler’

Will It Work?

Julie Mehretu, ‘Empirical Construction’
Henri Rousseau, ‘The Sleeping Gypsy’

i have an idea